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The difference between sealing tape and hot melt pressure sensitive tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-05

The sealing tape is mainly made of BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film, and then heated and evenly coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion, and the main component of pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion is butyl ester. Sealing tape for all kinds of glazing, polishing, calendering, PP composite PET, PP transparent boxes, films, including non-woven products bonding, cosmetic box packaging, food box packaging, cigarette box packaging, Tetra Pak beverage packaging Etc., assembled furniture edge banding, electronic industry, automotive interior sealing, car lamp manufacturing, windshield assembly, etc.), non-woven sanitary napkins, diapers, diapers, insoles, daily necessities, coated composite label paper, Label double-sided tape, sticky mouse board, sticky flypaper, wooden floor, carpet overglue, Band-Aid has strong adhesive force. Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is one of the pressure-sensitive adhesives. It is mainly made by mixing synthetic rubber, resin and rubber oil into a liquid state and then coating it on a substrate such as tissue paper, cloth or plastic film. A new type of adhesive tape, low cost is its biggest advantage, the defect is that the viscosity is significantly affected by temperature. It is mainly used for all kinds of box sealing, box sealing, paper packaging, beverage bottle labels, sealing aluminum foil, flexible packaging and other packaging with environmentally friendly paper pallets, etc. Hot-melt pressure-sensitive tape is suitable for various materials.
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