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The difference between fiber tape and ordinary tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-23

Fiber tape is a kind of ordinary tape made of PET as the base material, with reinforced polyester fiber thread inside, and coated with special pressure-sensitive adhesive. Because the material and manufacturing method are related to fibers, it is called fiber tape. The difference between fiber tape and ordinary tape is that the raw material of fiber tape is PET. There are polyester fiber threads inside the fiber tape for enhanced effect, and special pressure-sensitive adhesive is used on the surface of the fiber tape, which makes the fiber tape extremely strong. The main features of fiber tape: 1. It has a strong breaking strength, that is to say, it will not break easily. 2. It has good moisture-proof ability. This product will not lose its cohesiveness when it encounters water like ordinary adhesive tape, it can be used in a humid environment, and the effect will not be bad, and it can meet various uses.
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