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The characteristics of foam tape and the removal method of the product

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-26

Features of foam tape products: Foam is a material with excellent sealing properties, and the tape made of it also inherits this advantage, which can prevent gas atomization and external leakage. Because of the soft material, the foam tape has the characteristics of shock resistance, compression resistance and deformation resistance, and its products can just play its excellent protective role. The materials used in the foam tape are all safe materials, which will not cause corrosion to accessories, equipment, metal and other objects, and also have flame retardant properties, which are safe and reliable. The stickiness of the foam tape is large and durable, and it will not fall off over time. The use of foam tape products is not affected by the temperature, it can also be used below zero, and the viscosity will not be affected. The method of clearing the traces of foam tape products: the adhesiveness of foam tape is very strong, and it can be firmly bonded to various objects for a long time. If the old foam tape is removed, the surface of the adhered object will be found to leave obvious adhesive marks in the original pasted position. For example: if you want to remove the traces left by the use of foam tape, you can use a substance that softens the glue. After soaking and softening the original traces of old glue, wipe it with a towel to remove it. The substance that can soften the glue can use alcohol or liquor.
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