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The cause of the aging printing tape

by:Gangyuan      2020-07-03
Printing tape, 2018 - the cause of aging 08 - 28 I plant production of printing adhesive tape and packing tape more applicable range is very wide, before we also issued some relevant knowledge about products, in today's content, small make up will focus on some of the reasons for printing tape under the aging. Reason 1: contact oxygen causes aging, due to the amount of oxygen in the air containing 21%, and oxygen has to speed up the material characteristics of oxidation, activity is very heavy, causing rapid oxidation of adhesive tape, resulting in tape to grow old. Reason two: long time contact ultra-violet rays, ultraviolet ray can quickly decompose viscous material has the high temperature properties, long exposure in the sun belt will be its decomposition, aging caused by tape. Three reasons: contact the plasticizer and its main function is used to soften plastic, and mostly belongs to the rubber plasticizer contained in the products, with the change of time, the proportion of material itself contains plasticizer will be more and more, tape caused by aging, etc. Four reasons: metal leads to aging, especially the brass or rust, any organic compounds in our daily life can and metal material, especially the brass or rust produces chemical reaction, and the tape is contains the organic compounds, which can lead to aging tape.
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