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Teach you to judge the quality of printing tape

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-23
Teach you how to judge a quality of 2019 - marking tape 06 - 06 printing tape used in our daily play a large role in the process, it ensures that the product transportation and send. We will be applied to a lot of tape, which are of poor quality products, here we will mainly look at identify the tape quality. Tape quality has a lot to do with the glue is used, and the use of glue is good or bad has two standards, at the beginning of a viscous force, one is to stick to power, they are inversely proportional. Normally viscous force glue tape is below 10 accordance with less, generally only 20 microns, like stationery tape, promotional therein with the tape. Normal packing tape at the beginning of the viscous force between 15 to 20, this tape glue thickness has 22 to 28 in microns. It is up to the standard of tape thickness. Is understood to be on the market most of the tape are doped impurity, so thickness increases, generally this is to cover up the impurities. Some tape will be doped toner, that is, we see the color of tape, like bright yellow, green, red and so on, usually this tape is defective. Of course some manufacturers also specializing in the production of color tape, so be ready to identify.
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