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Tape using a small common sense

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-20
The function of the adhesive tape in high docile cryogenic environment there will be how to change? When the temperature rises, the rubber and foam will soften, bond strength will reduce, but this is better. As the temperature falls, the tape will harden and bond strength increase but this variation. Tape function will follow temperature back to normal and back to the original value. After the components to paste, how to remove the parts? Generally speaking, this is a very difficult problem, unless within a very short time after post. Should be removed before infiltration components softening of glue, soften hard off or foam cut it open with a knife or other tools. The residue can be used 3 m foam and glue special cleaner or other solvents to remove very easily. Whether can after tape bonding, you have to paste again? If parts just use very light point pressure, can after have to paste again. But if all compaction, it is difficult to remove the, rubber may be stained, need to change the tape. If it is a long time after parts stick, harder to remove the, often to replace the entire unit. How long can get rid of segregation paper before stick tape? Air will have little impact on the glue, but the dust in the air contamination of surface, thus reducing sex tape. So the glue in air exposure time as short as possible. We recommend that you immediately after removing isolation paper tape.
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