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Tape teaches you how to identify sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-22

It will be difficult to choose when purchasing sealing tape. How to choose high-quality sealing tape is our goal, not just pursuing low prices.

You need to pay attention to the purchase of sealing glue. Today, Detian Tape will tell you in detail.
First look at the thickness of the tape paper tube, the thickness of the standard paper tube is 3mm. Look at the diameter of the paper tube, the standard diameter is 7.8cm. Smell the tape, if it smells strong or smelly, it indicates poor quality. Check the surface of the tape, including whether the tape is sticky on both sides and whether there are gaps. Good quality tape is not sticky on both sides and has no gaps. Check whether there are air bubbles on the surface of the tape. Good-quality tape is rolled tightly and there will be no air bubbles. Of course, if the tape is new, there may be a little air bubbles. Check the tension of the tape. If the tape is particularly easy to break, it is of poor quality. A good tape uses a better transparent film that is not easy to break. The most important thing is to check the viscosity of the tape. There are also many inspection methods. You can seal the box with tape and then remove it suddenly. The more the surface of the box can be peeled off, the better the stickiness. You can also pull a relatively long piece of tape, divide it into two parts, fold it in the middle to fully fit it, and then pull it up suddenly. If the tape is not pulled up or part of the tape is broken during the process of pulling up the tape, it means the stickiness is strong. .
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