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Tape sticky how should maintain

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-19
Tape sticky how to maintain 2018 - 07 - 09 tape is often used to the life and work tools, if properly used can bring us a lot of convenient, once use must not when can cause some trouble, in today's content, small make up to introduce how to keep the sticky tape. In general don't let it always touch the sunshine, as far as possible don't and some of the acid and alkali substances together, try to stick to a tape of health boring. We should let the tape into place, check the moment more turn once. Next if it is the tape of the floor, then there should be more good protection, for example, must pay attention to when using crane in loading and unloading, avoid artificial might damage the belt edge in the process of transfer, it will hinder the use of. If it is not the same type, so must according to different standards, so abilities insisted on a longer time. If found that tape was damaged, it should be timely repair. Finally as far as possible don't let the tape coil, it will be able to cause damage in adhesive tape, if presented such problems, then there should be a timely repair.
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