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Tape little common sense

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-19
A, tape quality: the quality of the tape are maintain in certain specifications, it is good quality. Second, the quality of adhesive tape: adhesive tape is good or bad, there is no certain standard, all in accordance with customer demand tape for good tape. 3, what is the tape: refers to all that can be posted, using a certain way, such as pressure, heating way, such as paste strip of film called tape. Four, the classification of the adhesive tape: 1, according to the type points: such as industrial tape, electronic tape, medical tape, etc. ; 2, according to the structure, such as the single side adhesive tape, double-sided tape, etc. ; 3, in accordance with the glue points: such as acrylic adhesive tape, rubber tape, department of silicone adhesive tape, etc. ; Five, the amount of physical property testing has coated adhesive tape, coating thickness, adhesion, retention, and on the back of the adhesion, pulling force, at the beginning of sticky, weatherability, heat resistance, solvent resistance, electrical conductivity, flame resistance, etc. Six, the composition of adhesive tape: 1, base material, such as paper, cloth, film, etc. ; 2, adhesive, such as acrylic adhesive, rubber adhesive, Remark: base material property testing and support body is heavy, thickness, extension and strength, elongation, the debonding force; Different viscosity is the focus of the physical properties of the adhesive solids. 3, the support body: such as the debonding of paper, from the shape of membrane, etc
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