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Tape Detailed PVC Tape

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-21

The adhesive tape based on PVC film is coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, which has good insulation, pressure resistance and weather resistance. It is suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation protection, automobile wiring and other electrical and electrical insulation protection.

Anti-static warning tape can be used for floor area warning, packing box sealing warning, product packaging warning, etc. The warning tape has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-static, etc., and is suitable for underground pipes such as air pipes, water pipes, and oil pipes. Corrosion protection of the road. Twill printing tape can be used for warning signs in areas such as floors, columns, buildings, traffic, etc.

Warning tapes are available in black, yellow, red, and white lines; the surface is wear-resistant and can withstand high-traffic pedals; it has good viscosity, certain anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, and anti-wear.


1. Strong viscosity, can be used on ordinary cement floor

2. Compared with painting on the ground, the operation is simple

3. It can be used not only on ordinary floors, but also on wooden floors, tiles, marble, walls and machines (while the floor paint can only be used on ordinary floors)

4. The paint cannot draw two-color lines


When marking tape is used for area division, it is called marking tape or area tape; when it is used for warning, it is called warning tape. But actually both are the same thing.

When it is used for regional division, there is no relevant standard or customary statement to specify what color should be used to divide what kind of region. Green, yellow, blue, and white are commonly used.

When used as a warning, red means prohibition and prevention; red and white stripes mean that people are prohibited from entering dangerous environments; yellow and black stripes mean to remind people to pay special attention; green and white stripes mean more eye-catching Tip people.

Storage, transportation and maintenance of adhesive tape

1. The tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid sun exposure and rain; it is forbidden to contact with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents, keep it clean and dry, 1m away from the discovery device, and the room temperature is between -15°C and 40°C.

2. The tape should be placed in rolls, not folded, and turned over once a season when stored for a long time.

3. It is best to use a crane when loading and unloading the conveyor belt, and use slings with beams to lift it up smoothly to avoid damage to the belt edge.

4. The type and specification of the tape should be reasonably selected according to the needs of use and specific conditions.

5. It is not allowed to connect (group) tapes of different varieties, specifications, models, strengths, and layers of fabrics together.

6. The joints of the conveyor belt should preferably be bonded by heat vulcanization to improve reliability and maintain high effective strength.

7. The simple diameter of the conveying roller of the conveyor and the minimum diameter of the pulley of the conveyor belt should meet the relevant regulations.

8. Do not make the tape meander or creep, keep the drag roller, the vertical roller flexible, and the tension should be moderate.

9. When the conveyor is equipped with a baffle and a cleaning device, the wear of the tape should be avoided.

10. Cleanliness is the basic condition for the tape to run well. Foreign substances will affect the eccentricity of the tape, the difference in tension, and even breakage.

11. When the tape is found to have early damage during use, the cause should be found and repaired in time to avoid adverse consequences.
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