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Share packing tape die cutting indentation process

by:Gangyuan      2020-07-05
Share packing tape die cutting indentation process - 2018 07 - 31 tape factory after many years of independent research and development and production, obtained many results in the field of packing tape, such as precision die cutting technology, this is tape coil shape in the state of use, die cutting process can affect the effect of adhesive tape. Packing tape of the die cutting indentation technique is to put the die cutting and line pressing knife combination within the same template, at the same time in the die-cutting machine for die cutting and creasing processing craft, referred to as die-cutting. Indentation technique is to use line pressing knife or line pressing die, pressure line mark through pressure effect on the sheet, or use of rolling wheel rolling line mark on sheet metal, so bending forming sheet metal to a predetermined position. We use the die cutting molding process is more complex, including on edition, adjust the pressure, to determine the distance, paste article rubber, pressure die cutting, formal die cutting forming, clear scrap, finished product inspection, packaging and other points, so as to produce high quality of tape.
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