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Sealing can choose the appropriate sealing tape according to the purpose

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-07

Sealing tape can choose suitable or corresponding sealing tape products according to the application. If the cost is not considered, you can directly choose the sealing tape with a width of 50 mm or more and the best adhesion. This is definitely the most direct and safe way, and at the same time, the cost is also the highest. Sealing tapes can be selected according to different uses and stickiness to suit different requirements. The thickness of the tape ranges from 38 μm to 55 μm, and it is also possible to order a sealing tape with a thickness of more than 55 μm (minimum order of one piece of material, one piece of material is 4000 square meters). Sealing tape can be divided into three grades: low viscosity, medium viscosity and high viscosity. Low viscosity sealing tape: below 40μm, medium viscosity sealing tape: between 40μm and 45μm, high viscosity sealing tape: 45μm -50μm , Ultra-high viscosity sealing tape: 50 μm or more, so the corresponding choices can be made according to the packaging requirements as follows: 1. For the packaging of plastic or light items, low-viscosity sealing tape can also be used to meet the packaging requirements. For example: small pieces of clothing packaging, foam packaging, etc. can solve the problem. 2. If the weight of the item is within 15kg-20kg, you can choose a medium-viscosity sealing tape between 40μm and 45μm. 3. If the weight of the item reaches more than 20kg, and the carton surface is smooth or varnished and other special products, you need to use 45μm-50μm high-viscosity or ultra-high-viscosity sealing tape. In such cases, testing is required to find the sealing tape that meets the requirements. Sealing tape produced by hot melt can also be used, but the price is slightly higher.
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