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remote control for elliptical / treadmill

by:Gangyuan      2020-01-15
Do you need a remote control when exercising?
Some Oval machines/treadmills in the gym with additional equipment
Remote control.
Depending on the remote control itself, some only allow you to switch between channels.
The remote control in this photo can do more with 8 extra buttons and is almost compatible with anything that uses IR (infrared)
Whether it\'s a TV, a BD/DVD player, an HTPC, or an amplifier.
I bought this steering wheel at first.
My Honda\'s wheel infrared remote, but it doesn\'t work as expected.
It\'s not surprising considering that the factory remote is also terrible.
Long story short, I have a better idea of the remote control. What you need :-
Using the steering wheel remote control for IR learning ($12 from ebay)-Anti-slip / non-Anti-slip foam tapeScrewdrivers -
TV, BD/DVD player or HTPC with IR receiver and original remote control-
Oval/treadmill/stationary bike with straight handle or round handle-
White paint/permanent mark/correction fluid combine it together: First of all, the remote control I used in the instructions is defective.
This model has rear buttons but has serious defects as they are not equipped with any infrared reflector so the signal is very weak.
I turned on the remote control and painted the surface of the LEDs white so that it became a reflector and removed the transparent plastic cover at the bottom.
After the Led is fixed, it\'s time for this remote to learn the commands from the required remote.
Obviously, you need your original TV/device remote in the process.
Just face-to-face the 2 remote control LEDs and perform the learning process according to the manual (
Press and hold the set button and press the required button on the original remote).
After setting all the buttons, it\'s time to try the new remote.
If the signal is weak, make sure that the environment around the infrared receiver in the device is clear.
Install now.
There are two common types of handles in a typical elliptical or treadmill machine.
It is either straight or round.
The remote control is designed to fit on the steering
Wheels, so something must be added for the straight handle.
I\'m using a cheap counter.
Slide the foam tape into the remote control Holder and the handle itself (
Even if the grip is rubber)
So it\'s tight and it doesn\'t slide when I press any buttons on the front and back.
Results after some trialsand-
Error Test, you should have a fully working remote control on an ellipse or treadmill.
Make sure it is tight and safe, so it does not swing when pressed from any direction.
Now, you can easily change your music while exercising.
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