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Production method and characteristics of stationery tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-29

The production method of stationery tape: after high-voltage corona on the basis of the BOPP original film, one side of the BOPP original film is roughened, and glue is applied on the rough side of the BOPP original film, dried in an oven until it is divided into strips and cut into pieces. Small rolls are stationery tape products used in daily life. The glue of stationery tape is water-based acrylic glue, which can be called water-based self-adhesive glue or water-based pressure-sensitive glue. Its main component is fat tincture, which is a kind of polymer active substance, and the temperature has a certain influence on the active molecules of tincture ester. The characteristics of stationery glue products: good viscosity, good tensile strength, good holding power, uniform winding, excellent length, which can save the frequency of loading.
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