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Production and application fields of zebra tape

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-26

Zebra logo tape is mainly made of PVC material. This product has strong wear resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance and other characteristics, which also proves why this product can be used in the workshop. Zebra tape also has the characteristics of good stability, non-corrosion, moisture resistance, and high gloss. These characteristics determine that it can be used in any harsh environment and play its most important characteristics. It can not only be used in the workshop, but also can be used on the ground as a road sign, and can also be used for wrapping and air isolation in underground pipelines, that is, as a seal. The most important point of this product is that the zebra logo tape acts as a safety warning. Zebra tape can also be used to mark an important item or area, which is very easy to see on the ground or floor of the workshop, so that the manager can manage or identify the workshop.
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