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Problems to be paid attention to when using cloth tape products

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-06

In the process of using duct tape products, first check whether the surface of the adhered object is clean, whether there are foreign objects or uneven surfaces. In all cases where this phenomenon exists, attention should be paid to cleaning the surface to create the necessary conditions for the use of the duct tape, so as not to cause the duct tape to be unusable. When using duct tape products, try to maintain a clean bonded surface. For example: places that have not been soaked in water, places that have not been exposed to the sun, places that are not dusty, etc. In order not to affect the normal use of the duct tape due to the existence of these factors, the best place to use it is at room temperature, and it is best to use the duct tape indoors for the best effect. Pay more attention during use to avoid unnecessary malfunctions.
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