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Problems to be paid attention to when replacing the sealing tape of the sealing equipment

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-01

The beige transparent sealing tape is suitable for the sealing and packaging of the sealing equipment, and the equipment can also be used in stand-alone operation or in conjunction with the assembly line. The sealing equipment uses the beige transparent sealing tape to seal and edge the cartons, which can be completed at one time. , Next automatic sealing action. For example, the use of printing sealing tape can improve the product image and the promotion of the company's brand. The following points should be paid attention to when replacing the beige transparent sealing tape in the sealing equipment: 1. When replacing the sealing tape, special attention should be paid to the position of the tooth cutter. When the operator wears and wraps the tape, the hand movement should not be too large, and care should be taken to avoid being stabbed by the tooth cutter. 2. When threading and winding the sealing tape, if the tape is wrinkled, the wrinkled part of the tape must be cut off. Do not use too much force during the cutting of the tape to avoid injury. The tape is a material that is easy to break Taste. 3. Pay attention to the orientation of the adhesive surface of the tape when replacing the sealing tape. 4. Fix the distance between the sealing tape rolls. This distance directly determines whether the sealing tape can be directly or just attached to the middle seam of the carton. Special attention should be paid when installing the sealing tape roll.
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