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Problems to be paid attention to when purchasing packaging tape

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-18

If you need to purchase packaging tape, you need to pay attention to the following points in order to purchase quality assurance and suitable tape products: 1. Smell: If there is a strong and sour smell, the product has poor retention, especially at low temperatures Under environmental conditions, basically sticking to the carton will cause cracking and so on. 2. Look at the brightness of the film: Generally, inferior tapes are dark in color, and the probability of breaking the product is very high, and the strength is poor. 3. Use your hands to feel the thickness of the film: the tape with a hard film is generally inferior, and the thicker the film, the actual meter of the product will decrease. The films selected for good tapes are relatively soft because of their good stretchability. 4. Look at the color: the whiter the appearance of the tape, the less impurities the tape has. The tape below 100 meters has a certain transparency and the paper tube can be seen. For yellow tape, check whether there are irregularly distributed white spots on the surface of the tape, and whether it has a heavy and unpleasant smell. 5. Look at the paper tube: the inner diameter of the paper tube used in tape products, while inferior products have made great efforts in the thickness of the paper tube. Sixth, look at the tightness of the tape product: the tape will have a certain tension when it is coiled by a machine in the process from semi-finished product to finished product. The greater the tension, the tighter the tape will be rolled up, and the tape should be rolled neatly according to the routine. The tape has no gaps, and the degree of bonding between the glue and the air is smaller.
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