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Printing tape storage and maintenance of knowledge

by:Gangyuan      2020-07-04
Printing tape storage and maintenance of knowledge - 2018 07 - 19 now, everybody for printing tape storage and maintenance should not be very understand, if not properly use printing tape, will bring some bad influence. So, how to store and maintain the tape, small make up to the specific instructions below. Stored in the maintenance: 1. Sign should be put in warehouse far away from the sun and rain, don't touch base oil and organic solvent, keep the tape clean and dry. 2. When placed shall, in accordance with the roll of a roll of neat. 3. Had better crane when loading and unloading conveyer belt and and rigging smooth lift beam, to prevent the damage zone, prohibit disorderly loading and unloading. 4. Don't put the strength of different varieties, specifications, and the layers of cloth tape together to use. 5. If there are damage found in use tape early, should immediately find reason and solve problems.
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