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Packing tape widely used by user

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-27
Packing tape widely used 2018 - by user 07 - And with the development of the adhesive tape factory technology, research and development of products can meet the use requirements of many industries, in particular a packing tape products, is widely used by user. In general packing tape white mostly, but some is not yellow and transparent color, this product is mainly use their sticky to hold objects together, quality pass packing tape bonding degree is very good, in general it is not easy to fall off. And packing tape can not protect the box body, a user on the operation is simple, if combined with some of our ideas, the use of the tape is more beautiful. In fact, nine cheng packaging packing tape more environmental protection, research and development by conform to the requirements of the state environmental protection level, non-toxic, tasteless, and is more convenient to use, the price is relatively high. The last advantage is the easy to tear tape when demolition section, usually leave no adhesive residue, has greatly helped us to use, so to speak.
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