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Packing tape tip of choose and buy

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-26
Tip - 2018 packing tape of choose and buy 07 - 09 with the continuous development of social progress, the use of the tape is also more and more popular, can use in many places, it is very important to packaging materials. In today's content, small make up will be detailed in the choose and buy some knowledge of the sealing tape. 1. Smell the flavor of the adhesive tape flavor is very thick and has a sour taste, the retention of this tape is very poor, especially in low temperature environment, basic stick on the carton will be cracking, taste when it grows in the early feel viscous force is a sticky, but will soon dry rubber surface to lose glue sex, the time has a crack in the surface of adhesive tape, this is because the glue is not well. 2. See the brightness of the adhesive tape film generally inferior adhesive tape film color will be dark, this kind of adhesive tape fracture probability is very high, intensity difference. 3. Touch the thickness of the adhesive tape film feel hard membrane adhesive tape is generally more times, and as the film thickness, the actual number of meters will be reduced. Good adhesive tape chooses membrane are soft, good tensile staying power by hand. 4. Look at the color of the adhesive tape generally transparent adhesive tape color more white appearance, adhesive tape the less impurities, to guarantee the normal adhesiveness, 100 meters below the adhesive tape, place a few days can see paper tube has certain transparency. Surface had yellow adhesive tape adhesive tape distribution of irregular white point, pressure by hand wipe not to go for impurities or glue dry imprinting, this product is generally with a smell. 5. The paper tube adhesive tape with thick paper tube adhesive tape are generally not to mislead the consumer, adhesive tape production began from abroad, so the adhesive tape paper tube diameter is 7. 6 cm, but inferior adhesive tape on the thickness of the tube is to do, and cause this situation with many consumers still have a relationship, many people think that the thicker the paper tube, the outer ring, the greater the adhesive tape you roll is always wrong. 6. Watching tape the firmness of adhesive tape in the process of from semi-finished product to the finished product is using the sectional winding machine, has the certain tension. If the tension is big, adhesive tape winding is tight, adhesive tape, in accordance with the conventional volume should be neat, such adhesive tape is no gap, glue the extent of the combined with air is small, can prolong the shelf life of adhesive tape and maximum retention adhesive tape adhesion.
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