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non-woven tape market worth 4.55 billion usd by 2023

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-14
Woven Belt market value 4.
Pune, India, 2023, Pune, India, July 9, 2018/PRNewswire/-$55 billion, July 9, 2018-
According to the latest market research report
Woven Belt market by adhesive type (
Acrylic, rubber, silicone)
Backing materials (Paper, polyester), End-use industry (
Health care, electrical and electronics, cars and transportation), and Region -
Global Forecast by 2023 released by MarketsandMarkets™The non-woven fabric market is estimated to be 3. 3.
It was $17 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $4.
From 55 billion to 2023, 7 in aCAGR.
The period from 2018 to 46% was 2023 per cent.
Non-woven fabric is a special pressure-
Sensitive Tape of adhesive type (
Acrylic, rubber and silicone)
On non-woven backing materials such as polyester and paper.
The wide acceptance of non-woven fabrics in industries such as healthcare, automotive and transport, and electrical and electronics has driven the growth of the market. (Logo: )
Ask immediately before purchase: Early buyers will get 0% customization according to the adhesive type, and it is expected that during the forecast period, the silicone part will grow at the highest compound growth rate.
Because the silicone segment has better performance on low surface energy substrates, it is expected that its growth rate will be higher than that of other adhesive types. Silicone-
Adhesive tape based on non-woven fabric maintains adhesion within a large temperature range and has the ability to adhere to difficult surfaces.
These factors are expected to drive the silicone market.
Mobile based on non-woventapes.
Talk to our subject matter experts: Based on backing materials, the paper portion of the non-woven tape market is expected to grow at the highest compound growth rate during the forecast period.
The paper portion is expected to grow at the highest compound growth rate from 2018 to 2023 as it is cheaper and recyclable.
It is most widely used for adults and infants with sensitive skin, as well as applications such as bandaging and fixing pipes in the health care industry.
Aging population;
The incidence of chronic diseases has increased;
Raising awareness of personal health care;
High demand in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America is expected to drive paper demand --
Non-woven fabrics supported worldwide.
The Asia-Pacific non-woven fabric market is expected to grow at the highest compound growth rate during the forecast period.
The Asia-Pacific non-woven tape market is expected to grow at the highest compound growth rate during the forecast period, due to the growing demand for non-woven tape in emerging economies such as India and China, korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore.
China is leading the non-human market in the Asia-Pacific region.
Sustained growth in capital health spending and increased production of automobiles and electronics have driven the non-woven fabric market. 3M Company (US)
Nitodenko Corporation (Japan)
Avery Denison Corporation (US)
Lintec Corporation (Japan), Tesa SE (Germany)
, Plc of SCARA group (UK)
Paul Hartman company (Germany), Nichiban Co. , Ltd. (Japan)
The earthquake in Taigang. , Ltd. (Japan)
, Adhesive tape Polymer Group Co. , Ltd. (Canada)
And Berry Global Group Ltd. (US)
Is some of the key players operating in the non-woven tapemaar market.
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