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Matters needing attention when using transparent sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-18

Before choosing to buy and use transparent sealing tape, you should choose the appropriate specification reasonably. There are many types of specifications of this product on the market, and there are certain differences in the uses of products of different specifications. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a transparent box tape product that suits the requirements before use. When using the transparent Gua box tape, it is necessary to stretch the sealing tape. It has a certain tension. If there is no certain tension, it will appear or it will not stick easily. There is another point that needs special attention. When using transparent box tape, the surface of the adherend must be cleaned, such as debris, stains, water stains, etc., which will reduce or even directly lose the stickiness of the tape. Therefore, when using sealing tape, be sure to ensure that the surface of the adherend is clean and dry. When storing transparent sealing tape products, pay attention to the following points, so as to avoid the failure of the product with no stickiness or weak stickiness: 1. Avoid sun exposure and rain. 2. Prohibit contact with organic solvents. 3. Keep it clean and dry, and the room temperature should be between -15°C and 40°C. 4. Adhesive tapes of different varieties and specifications cannot be connected and used together. 5. Ensure that the place to be glued is clean and free of impurities or stains.
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