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manjappai makes a comeback

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-15
In a small tile.
The roof building of Shenoy Nagar, a group of women sitting on the Cross
Walk on the cement floor and work on a pile of raw cotton fabric.
Some of them cut and fold the fabric while others sew the fabric into a bag at the sewing machine.
Employs more than 20 women from poverty and different classes
Their community is madulai-
Eco-focused brands
Friendly bag made of pure cotton as a substitute for plastic bags.
First of all, the lovers Subramanian Krishnan and Gauri Krishnan, TheYellowBag Manjappai was designed to bring me.
Environmental protection
A tilted couple saw the need to contribute to the cause of sustainable development.
As a first step, they began to avoid using plastic at home.
\"It was then that I realized how manjappai disappeared before our eyes.
I don\'t have a bag in my house.
Polypropylene is a plastic material.
It\'s as harmful as plastic, \"said Krishna.
\"The childhood memories of my mother and relatives sewing bags in the Taj Mahal area of madulai float back.
I went to madulai to find the bag maker and found a few old ladies who left office.
Initially, I ordered about 200 cloth bags in madourei and distributed them to friends at an environmental event in Chennai.
My response is overwhelming and I understand the need for cloth bags.
\"Starting three years ago, they operate today with madurea and supply bags to customers in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi.
\"We have distributed production, with nearly 25 small businesses.
\"Work for us inside and outside madourei,\" Gauri said . \".
\"Sewing machines are a dead stock/asset in most villages and we took advantage of this.
We cut and print clothes here, and the tailors sew them in the bag.
In addition to organic shops, craft gift shops, hand-held loom showroom and ecology
The couple are conscious organizations and individuals that provide a package for innovative activities.
\"For example, some schools urge students to use cloth bags in their regular schoolbags.
Similarly, a green wedding is becoming a trend, and more young people are now aware of it.
We made wedding cards and wedding bags with cotton cloth.
\"Depending on the quantity and urgency, they purchased bundles of raw cotton fabric from Erode, Palladam and local suppliers in madulai.
\"Each package is a message.
The identity of madulai is inseparable.
The meaning of the word \"Manjappai\" is not just a yellow bag, but a sustainable, simple and ecological bag.
\"A friendly lifestyle is a substitute for plastic,\" explains Krishnan . \".
Now, Huangcoloured non-
Polypropylene woven bag disguised as manjappai.
They are only used in jewelry stores and are rarely used in some weddings because it comes with emotion, he added.
\"We don\'t dye our bags yellow because we want to be completely eco-friendly. friendly.
Dyeing is another toxic and harmful process for the environment, and we will lose the whole goal.
So our manjappai is not actually yellow and our customers understand that as well.
We just want to re-
Build our relationship with cloth bags.
It\'s renewable, it\'s from plants, it\'s ecological. friendly.
Kattapai is also a plastic product, which is not clear to everyone.
Until a year ago, their bag produced 1,000 to 2,000 packs per month.
\"Now, we produce 20,000 bags per month and our goal is to produce 1, 00, 000 bags.
\"We want to expand our network from 25 tailors to 65 tailors so that we can reduce the cost of each piece of clothing,\" Gauri said . \".
\"We also want to achieve a completely organic transformation by absorbing Deshi cotton.
We only use genes today. Change cotton.
In the future, we want to use desi cotton produced locally.
We have been linked to small time farmers around madulai, dindigur and Tirupur, as well as organizations like naar nambalgar.
Currently, the brand produces six bags in four sizes-
Surukku pai, gazette bag, tote bag, sling bag, backpack and grocery bag for various purposes.
Prices range from Rs 8 to RS. 75.
\"Our bag is simple and elegant in design.
So far, we have made bags for more than 150 customers, some of which are normal and others are disposabletime customers.
\"There are very few people buying from us,\" Madnan said . \".
For more details, please visit www. theyellowbag.
Org made in MaduraiR or call 9884952604. S.
Sundar has done manjappai for more than 20 years and now works for their World Bag ---
\"I used to work under K.
Gopalsamy is in the urban area of Ezhuthanikkara Street.
He was a pioneer in making cloth bags in his 70 s.
I used to cut and sew rice bags, ad bags and manjappai for jewelry stores of all sizes.
Gopalsamy is a popular brand of cloth bags and the first brand to produce multi-color bags.
It was a style statement at the time.
Later, when the business fell
Woven varieties take over.
Now, I print it alone.
Sometimes, I cut off non-seasonal
Fabric of rice bag. Non-
Knitting is a cheaper option and people no longer buy manjappai, especially since it is a gift.
We made 10,000 bags in the past day.
There are at least 100 employees and there is also a dyeing and calendar unit in this place.
We used to supply around Tamil Nadu and the bags were sold from Rs. one to Rs.
Depending on the size.
In the season of Palani and Ayyapan, we used to make the jolna bag for padayatris.
God\'s image is on the screen.
Printed on the bag
Another option for plastic is jute.
Recently opened an exported Jute cottage in K. K.
Nagar offers a variety of bags, coasters, mats and other items made of jute.
These bags come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1000.
From wallets, laptop bags, schoolbags and lunch bags to shopping bags and hand bags, there are a lot of choices.
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