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Magical uses of scotch tape in life you may not know

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-25

Scotch tape, I believe that in daily life, everyone must have used it. In addition to being used to stick some things, it actually has some peculiar usages, let's briefly summarize it together.

The first is to control the amount of seasoning used. I believe that when you usually cook, you often have such an experience. The added seasoning is either too much or too little, which will have a very bad impact on the taste of the dish. But this is a lot of people will choose to paste a piece of transparent tape on the mouth of the salt jar. By scraping the small spoon in time with tape, you can accurately control the amount of salt and other seasonings, so that you can ensure that the cooked dishes are more delicious.

Secondly, the tape can be used to stick hair and dust on some clothes. In daily life, if there is hair sticking to the clothes, it is an annoying thing, and it is not very convenient to clean it up. At this time, I suggest that you can properly pull a piece of scotch tape, stick it on the clothes, and then take off the tape, and you will find that some sundries occupied by it have been removed well. Even this method can be used to remove dust, but when in use, after the tape has been cleaned several times, a lot of debris will accumulate on it, which is not very easy to use. Here you can buy some types with better quality, and you can go to Monde to package and wholesale some.

Third, scotch tape can be used to correct typos. I believe that when many people write some important documents, if they write typos, it is not worthwhile to rewrite them at this time. Many people will choose to stick them lightly with scotch tape to remove the wrong words. You can write other words on it. In fact, this approach is very good, and it will not cause very serious damage to the paper.

Finally, the tape can also be used to pick up some small things. For example, some people's hands are relatively thick, and it is not particularly convenient to pick up some tiny items on the ground. At this time, I suggest that you can take some tape and stick it on the floor. By gently lifting the scotch tape, you can pick up some dangerous items on it. It is very convenient and will not damage the floor.

Through the above introduction, I believe that many people can see that this small tape can be used in many places in daily life, and those who are more experienced are welcome to add, let’s share this part together do complete. After all, this kind of item is very common in our life. If we can develop as many of its uses as possible, I believe it will be very useful for better service and convenience of our life. I don’t know what you think Woolen cloth?
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