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Inventory double-sided adhesive material knowledge points and scope of use

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-24

basic knowledge

Double-sided adhesive tape is a roll-shaped adhesive tape made of paper, cloth, and plastic film as the base material, and then uniformly coated with elastomer-type pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin-type pressure-sensitive adhesive on the above-mentioned base material. Adhesive, release paper (membrane) consists of three parts.

According to the glue, it can be divided into solvent adhesive tape (oily double-sided tape), emulsion adhesive tape (water-based double-sided tape), hot-melt adhesive tape, calender adhesive tape, and reactive adhesive tape. Generally, it is widely used in leather, nameplate, stationery, electronics, automobile trim fixing, shoe industry, paper making, handicraft pasting and positioning, etc.

Types of double-sided tape:

Grid double-sided tape, reinforced double-sided tape, Rubber double-sided tape, high-temperature double-sided tape, non-woven double-sided tape, non-residue double-sided tape, tissue paper double-sided tape, double-sided glass cloth tape, PET double-sided Adhesive tape, foam double-sided tape, etc., are used in the production process of various industries.

Composition of double-sided tape:

It is made of non-woven fabric, cloth base, PET film, glass fiber, PVC, PE foam, acrylic, etc., and then evenly coated with elastomeric pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin-based pressure-sensitive adhesive on the above-mentioned substrate Roll-shaped adhesive tape is composed of three parts: substrate, adhesive, release paper (film) or silicone oil paper.

Production Method

1. Protective tape

It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as the base material and coated with special rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is easy to tear, has no glue residue, good processability and good adhesion. It is suitable for furniture, speakers, wood grain boards, shoes Surface protection of materials, colored steel, aluminum alloy doors and windows, etc., to prevent wear and tear and reduce the loss of items.

2. Electrical tape

It is made of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film and coated with UL special rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has good insulation, flame resistance, voltage resistance, and cold resistance. It is suitable for automotive wiring harnesses, wire winding, and insulation. Protection, degaussing coil, communication wiring, etc.

3. Industrial adhesive tape

It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film and coated with special rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has good windability, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, and anti-fading. It is suitable for roads, columns, Marking of warning areas and protection of pipelines.

4. Packaging tape

It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film and coated with special rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has the advantages of easy tearing, strong adhesion, good weather resistance, and strong tensile strength. It is suitable for sealing of high-end and heavy packages. Glue and fix.


When processing products with double-sided adhesive die-cutting, release paper is generally used. However, how to choose release paper for die-cut processing products with double-sided adhesive tape? What are the requirements for release paper? So let's take a look at the following requirements:

1. Some paper can be easily torn off when pasting, but it is difficult to peel off after one cycle (24 hours), and cannot be pulled off after three cycles.

This kind of release paper is mainly unstable, the paper density is not good, the coating is uneven, and its anti-penetration is poor, so when it is pasted for a cycle, the glue can penetrate into the release paper, so it cannot be peeled off! Therefore, it is necessary to replace the paper with better density, better paper, evenly coated silicon, and relatively stable paper as the backing paper.

2. Imported double-sided tapes are poorly peeled off. Many tapes will have this phenomenon, because the physical properties of imported double-sided tapes are different.

In summary, I believe that everyone has a clearer understanding of the requirements for double-sided adhesive die-cutting products and release paper, but we still need to pay attention to details in all aspects, so that various die-cutting products can be done well.

There are tens of thousands of die-cutting materials, and double-sided adhesive tape is widely used in die-cutting operations, and there are many types. Today I will briefly summarize these points. I hope you will leave a message at the bottom for more popular science knowledge about die-cutting various materials.
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