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Introduction to the characteristics and storage methods of cloth tape

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-31

Our commonly used cloth tape is bright in color, and we can use it as a warning tape. Because the cloth tape is also called carpet tape, it is wear-resistant, and we don't have to worry about it being damaged easily when we use it as a different area. It can withstand high-strength abuse without deformation. In addition, it has another advantage that the duct tape can be torn apart with bare hands without scissors to cut it off. I can really praise this wave of operations!

Since the cloth tape is based on easy-to-tear cloth, the tensile strength of some large-scale bundling tapes is not as good as that of the cloth tape. When some large objects are bundled in life, the sealing tape has no way to be strong enough to complete the packing and bundling. Work, in this case we can use cloth tape instead of ordinary tape.

When using the cloth tape, you should try to maintain a tidy environment, such as: a place without rain, a place without strong sun exposure, to avoid the existence of these factors that affect the normal use of the cloth tape, the safe solution is to use it at room temperature , Indoor use of cloth tape is better.

According to the packaging introduction, the cloth tape also has the effects of tensile strength, grease resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, waterproof, and corrosion resistance. The cloth tape can be used in our pipeline damage and ground marks. Cloth tape is also called carpet tape. As the name suggests, it is special tape for carpets. It can be seen on the wedding performance stage of large-scale exhibitions. The color of cloth tape can be selected according to the color of the carpet.

During the trial process of the cloth tape, it should be checked whether the ground position on the contact surface with the carpet is clean, whether there are foreign objects, or there may be uneven surfaces. If there are such phenomena, you should pay attention to them, clean them up, and remove the garbage , Do clear sanitation to create the necessary conditions for the use of the cloth tape, so as to prevent the cloth tape from being unusable.
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