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Initial tack test process of transparent sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-17

The initial tack test of transparent sealing tape products, refer to the standard GB T4852 'Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Initial Adhesive Test Method' 1. Adjust the inclined rolling ball device to the horizontal position, and adjust the inclination angle of the inclined plate to 30° unless otherwise specified °. 2. Use degreasing gauze dipped in cleaning agent to scrub the glass surface and both sides of the polyester film, and then wipe it clean with gauze. 3. Put the steel ball that has been wiped off the anti-rust oil into a container filled with disinfectant and soak for several minutes. After taking it out, wash and wipe it repeatedly with clean detergent and gauze, and then wipe it clean with clean gauze. After cleaning Steel balls should be taken out with clean bamboo (wood, bone) tweezers and other tools. 4. Place the sample of the transparent sealing adhesive tape on the inclined plate with the sticky side up. Cover the specified parts with polyester film as a rolling aid. The rolling aid section should be flat and free from defects such as bubbles and wrinkles. The 100mm range below the roll-help section is the test section. 5. Fix both sides of the roll-aid section and the lower end of the sample on the inclined plate with glue. 6. Clamp the steel ball into the ball release device with clamps, adjust the front and rear positions of the ball release device, so that the center of the steel ball is located on the starting line of the rolling aid. For the initial adhesion test of the transparent sealing tape product, one sample is allowed For multiple tests, the left and right positions of the ball releaser should be adjusted so that the trajectories of the steel balls do not coincide each time. When the width of the sample is greater than 25 mm, the effective test area is the 25 mm wide area in the center of the sample.
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