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Influence of product quality of sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-05

There are two criteria for the quality of the glue of the sealing tape in use: 1. Initial adhesion. 2. Retention is inversely proportional to the two. The quality of the sealing tape directly affects the quality of the outer packaging of the product, and indirectly affects whether the packaging of the items can be carried out smoothly. As a packaging consumable used in conjunction with the baler, the sealing tape has seen a sharp increase in its usage with the improvement of the performance of the baler and its wide application in the market. What users care about is how to reduce the cost of use, so there are cheap packing tapes in the market that contain a lot of recycled materials. The difference in quality is 3 to 6 times, not only the number of meters is small, but also the quality is unstable. For example, the quality of the sealing tape is not very strict when using a semi-automatic packing machine, but the quality is equally important, which will directly affect the quality of its packaging and the stability of the product during logistics and transportation. However, the unmanned operation of the automatic packing machine has high requirements on the quality of the sealing tape. When the packing tape is not in standard specifications, it is easy to cause the packing machine to malfunction and directly affect the product packing progress. With the improvement of the quality of life, the quality of the sealing tape used in product packaging has also been improved. It is hoped that when buying the sealing tape, the quality can be paid attention to, and the sealing tape with better quality can be purchased.
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