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How to solve the bubbles produced by using the sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-11

The sealing tape has the characteristics of transfer resistance, fixing ability, flexibility and solvent resistance during use. In the process of wholesale adhesive tape, we need to pay attention to the sealing tape. There are many types of sealing tape. The process of use needs to be chosen effectively according to your own needs.

Colored tapes can provide a variety of colors to choose from during operation to meet different appearance and aesthetic requirements. Printing sealing tape can be effectively used by well-known brands such as online shopping malls, electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, etc.

The use of sealing tape can not only effectively improve its brand image, but also achieve a wide range of effects to a certain extent, but if it is a transparent sealing tape, it is mainly used for carton packaging and spare parts. Fixed, sharp object binding and artistic design.

Box sealing tape has a wide range of applications when used, and can be effectively used for sealing and sealing as well as sealing and bundling of various commodities. When we wholesale tape, we have to consider the intention of use.

The sealing tape must be very good to judge whether the viscosity of the product is good. In the process of using it, we can use tape to stick items and give it a quick tug to observe the retention. Repeat paste and touch it several times until the viscosity is obviously reduced. A good sealant tape is thicker and has a longer tack than a poor sealant tape.

Sealing tape needs to effectively judge whether the surface of the tape is smooth and wrinkle-free. Under normal circumstances, it can be seen that the sealing tape just produced has air bubbles. After a week, the foam will mostly dissipate. On the contrary, the sealant mixed with impurities has a large number of irregularly distributed white spots, and it is useless to drive out the air bubbles by hand.
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