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How to remove traces left by scotch tape?

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-19
How to remove traces left by scotch tape?

2019-06-27 15:02:03

Scotch tape is ubiquitous in our lives and there are many places where it is used. For example, when packing items, they need to be sealed with scotch tape. When you're sticking things to the wall, you'll need scotch tape and all that.

In life, when we clean the house, on the wall or on the glass, after the scotch tape pasted before, it will leave some sticky and difficult to remove marks, which will affect the overall aesthetics and look very ugly. So how do we remove this imprint? Let's take a look!
How to remove marks left by scotch tape? Get rid of the tips:
Alcohol: When using this method first, it must be determined in advance that the area to be wiped is not afraid of discoloration. After rubbing the cloth with rubbing alcohol, gently wipe back and forth until wiped off. When using alcohol, it is recommended to be safe.
Nail polish: No matter how long it's been in storage, in areas with marks, some girls wash the nail polish, soak it for a while, and wipe it with a paper towel to make sure the surface of the item is as clean as new.

However, there is a problem. Because nail polish is highly corrosive, it cannot be used on the surface of nail polish. For example, patent leather furniture, laptop casings, etc. So nail polish removes tape marks, and while it is a hundred spirits, care must be taken to protect items with corrosion marks.

Eraser: An eraser is also very effective at removing clear glue marks, but it is only good for small marks and will require multiple wipes. Because erasers erase colored areas, use them on colored locations to erase slowly.
Wet towel: Generally offsets are difficult to remove due to time. We can soak the offset area with a wet towel and wipe it slowly, but this method is limited to places that are not afraid of stickiness and water.
Turpentine: This is the washing liquid used for painting. We can apply some shampoo with a paper towel and wipe the area with glue marks, and it can be removed after a period of time.

Hair dryer: The maximum heat of the hair dryer is to blow the tape marks for a while, let it soften slowly, and then wipe it off with a hard eraser or soft rag.

These little tricks above are great for removing scotch tape marks. If you have clear adhesive marks on wall tables or window panes in your home, you can use these methods to remove them. Have you learned these little tricks?
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