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How to remove tape marks

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-05

How to effectively and quickly remove the traces left by the scotch tape: 1. If the traces left by the scotch tape are not large, you can use an eraser to remove them. This method is only suitable for small-scale trace removal. 2. You can soak the place with offset printing with a wet towel, and then wipe it slowly. This method is limited to the substrate that is not afraid of sticking wet. 3. Wipe with alcohol. First of all, when using this method, you must first confirm that the place to be wiped is not afraid of fading, and then use a cloth to stick alcohol and wipe it slowly until it is wiped or removed. 4. Detergent also has the effect of removing traces of scotch tape, and the steps of using it are the same as other methods. 5. Ordinary nail polish remover can be used to remove the traces left by the transparent tape. Since the nail polish remover contains water and chemical components, it is also very effective for removing traces of transparent tape. 6. You can use a hair dryer to heat it. This method is effective and convenient. No matter it is suitable for sticker glass, plastic, wood, or metal, first use a hair dryer to heat it, then tear a small opening, and blow it along the direction of tearing. Tear slowly.
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