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How to remove tape left the use of the mark

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-30
How to remove tape traces of the use of 2018 - 07 - 29 printing tape after using a long long time, can appear when removed tape left traces of below, if not handled properly can cause not clean, and very sticky. So how to remove traces of use, below small make up just to give you action. General tape factory remove the tape used to trace with detergent to wipe, wash armour water, wet towel, use the eraser, eraser. Specific use steps show as follows: 1. Detergent by rag wipe some detergent, and then gently wipe. 2. Wash armour water to clean the nail polish remover water sometimes also can remove the offset printing, ordinary nail polish remover, because of the wash armour water contains chemical composition to be able to remove the glue sakura use nail polish remover should pay attention to safety, it has a certain influence on chemical products. 3. Wet towel for long time, the general offset printing is very difficult to remove. Then you can try to use a towel dipped in warm water, gently apply on it, just get it later, slowly wiped glue sakura but this method is not recommended for use where afraid of wet, easy to fill. 4. With rubber eraser to remove a lot of traces, the trace of cellophane tape can also try to use. But need to slowly brush, repeatedly. Because the color eraser to erase place, so use in the position of the color to wipe slowly. 5. Alcohol to clean if afraid of alcohol, can use alcohol, gently wipe back and forth many times. It is recommended to use alcohol to pay attention to safety. If afraid of rub off, it is recommended that no alcohol method.
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