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How to preserve the lettering tape of semi-finished products

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-30
How to save the semi-finished products of printing tape - 2018 07 - 09 according to nine cheng packaging company many years of production experience, some adhesive tape will be related to knowledge sharing for everyone to do reference, small make up in today's content will mainly introduce the semi-finished products of printing tape how to save it. 1. The scene of the reasonable storage materials, components, tape semi-finished products, equipment, etc. , protection measures should be taken, to avoid the mass loss. 2. Scientific arrangement of working procedures, especially the arrangement of the crossover operation is reasonable. 3. Full production and tape semi-finished products to protect professional ethics education. 4. Tape semi-finished products protection sign of unified field. 5. Positive reliable, adhesive tape, semi-finished goods protection measures, and implement economic rewards and punishment. 6. Submit, to the purchaser, proper use and protection of users to send tape semi-finished products, quality in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and return.
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