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How to judge the quality of beige sealing tape products

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-29

How to judge the quality of beige sealing tape products should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Check the surface of the sealing tape, including whether the two sides of the sealing tape are sticky and whether there are gaps. Good quality sealing tape is not sticky on both sides , and there are no gaps. 2. Check the gloss of the sealing tape. When the sealing tape is cut into finished products, it will contain a little air bubbles. After the cut finished products are placed for a week, the air bubbles will basically dissipate. The pure tincture glue is made into a tape product with a smooth surface. , without any white spots. For example, the tape mixed with impurities has many irregular white spots, which are completely different from the properties of air bubbles that are difficult to disperse or not disperse by hand pressure. 3. The smell of the sealing tape product. Such as: the product has a strong smell or smell, indicating that the quality of the product is not good or extremely poor. Because the doped tape uses gasoline and acidic substances to dissolve the glue formula, the smell is very strong and difficult to disperse. However, formal enterprises use additives that meet environmental protection requirements to dissolve the glue formula. During the coating process of making sealing tape products, the smell has been completely volatilized by the fan. 4. Check the tensile force of the sealing tape. For example: the sealing tape is particularly easy to break, which means it is of inferior quality. A good sealing tape uses a better quality BOPP film that is not easy to break.
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