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How to identify the quality of masking tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-15

Masking tape products have the characteristics of good high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, soft fit and no adhesive residue after tearing. Masking tape can be selected according to different application requirements. When purchasing and selecting masking tape, there are several ways to identify the quality of the product: 1. 'Look' at the material used to make masking tape Masking paper must have good resistance to humidity and solvents, as well as certain impermeability and absorption. The paper must be flexible and have a certain temperature resistance. Therefore, high-quality masking tape must have uniform color, no variegated colors or superimposed colors, and no glue bleeding on the back, no glue residue, and no wrinkles on the paper. 2. 'Pull' High-quality masking tape requires high tensile strength, and there is no phenomenon that it cannot be pulled apart. 3. 'Shaking' High-quality masking tape has a strong unwinding force. When pulling the masking tape, shake it to see if it will slip. 4. 'Touch' High-quality masking tape requires high initial adhesion and holding power. It can be tested by sticking it on the surface of the object and then quickly pulling it apart. After pasting it several times, feel the tape with your hands. Whether the viscosity has decreased. 5. 'Smell' The adhesive used to make masking tape is not allowed to be adulterated, and it is required to be environmentally friendly. Masking tape does not have the problem of smell or very pungent smell, and special attention should be paid to whether there is glue bleeding or residual glue.
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