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How to identify packing tape

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-29
For packing tape has been basically can judge of tape from the appearance, a bad packing tape again more conditions is important not to feel alone feeling viscosity, because at the beginning of doping tape in the absence of volatile viscous force is very high, so want to paste objects with sealing tape, then quickly pull the retention repeatedly paste to hand over a few times, you * to feel came down. Doping packing tape to glue formula of time typically use gasoline and acid to dissolve, so the smell is very large, regular large enterprises are dissolved in toluene, in the process of coating has been through the fan is volatile. There is a problem, what is the difference between good or bad packing tape in use? In fact, we use adhesive tape is not the purpose of the sticky problem, but to stick firm, not separate. Now most of the doped impurity packing tape in packaging operations after a period of time ( Between 20 minutes to 1 hour) Slides open will happen, and unable to paste again, especially in low temperature environment and more * windy and dry conditions. Inferior tape again break easily, low intensity, mainly related to the quality of the film. Normal production of packing tape paper tube with high density of paper tube, plane without the paper scraps, and the thickness of the tube, 100 meters below the tape is 3 mm, 4-100 meters 5 mm, and small businesses to deceive consumer use thick paper tube, usually reach 5 - thickness 7 mm thickness and the appearance is large, but the comparison of adhesive thickness is *. So when choosing sealing tape must see clear tape width and the thickness of the adhesive tape, also note that due to the inferior tape mixed with a large number of impurities, so the article points the coiling the gap between the tape have imperceptibly, so under the condition of same number of meters will volume is bigger, so as to deceive consumers.
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