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How to get rid of all kinds of adhesive tape glue stains on the clothes?

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-24
Water stains remove paint with watercolors in order to increase the color fastness, joined the right amount of water soluble pectin in the paint. With the watercolor stains, first to dissolve the stain of colloid with hot water to remove, reoccupy detergent or weak ammonia decoloring, finally with clean water. White clothes available hydrogen peroxide bleaching. Chewing gum glue stains on the removal of clothing gum glue stains, can use first raw eggs to remove clothing on the surface of the viscose, then wipe to go to loose the remnants of grain of points one by one the last into the soap washing, finally with clean water. If can not be washed fabric, used carbon tetrachloride daub, remove residual liquid. Glue stains remove clothing stained with super glue stains, acetone or banana water droplets on the glue stains are available, and brush the son constantly repeated scrub, the glue stains become soft after take off from the fabric, then rinse. Be not a, can repeatedly scrub several times, can be washed. Do not use this method of acetate fiber fabric, avoid damage clothing fabrics. White latex stain removal white latex is a kind of synthetic resin, poly vinyl acetate is whey. Its characteristic is besides nylon silk and so on, for the vast majority of fiber quality materials are bonding effect, so can firmly stick on clothes. It also has a can dissolve in a variety of characteristics of solution. We will use it to its own characteristics method of removal. Available 60 ℃ white wine or alcohol (lo 95%) With the mixture of water, soak white latex stains on the clothes, for about half an hour later, can rub with water until clean, then rinse.
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