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How to distinguish whether the tape is oily or water-based, let's take a look

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-08

Scotch tape is a material that many people use in their daily lives, but it is divided into water-based and oil-based. What is the difference between them, and how should they be selected?

We usually use a lot of water-based scotch tape, because its production cost is relatively low. However, oily scotch tape will have stronger adhesion, and it also has certain high temperature resistance, and it is not easy to deteriorate. However, the production cost is relatively high, and people will only use it when there are special needs. When choosing these two tapes, we need to do some work below.

The first is to check the viscosity. Put the tape on the cardboard box, and then slowly pull it off. If the cardboard box can be peeled off, it means that the quality of the tape will be better.

The second is to check whether the tape has glue overflow. Because the current tape is used after cutting, we can properly touch it on both sides. If there is glue precipitation, it proves that the adhesive tape is not particularly stable, and it is recommended that you do not buy it.

The third is to smell the smell. Many people know that if these products have a strong smell, it means that some of the materials used in them are relatively volatile. In this case, a decrease in viscosity may result. It makes it easier for some of the things we glued before to disperse. It is recommended that you do not buy them. However, if you go to wholesale some Mond tapes properly, the quality of such tapes is still relatively high.

The fourth is to check whether there are air bubbles on the tape, because there are generally no air bubbles when the tape is wound. If there are bubbles, either the product has been placed for a long time, or there are serious problems with its quality, so it is recommended that you do not buy it.

The last step is to perform a tensile test on the tape. Just take off the plastic bag, put it in your hand and pull it properly, if it cannot break easily, it proves that the quality of the product is very good, and you can buy a part according to your own needs.

From here, we can also read books and choose tapes in our daily life. There are still many problems that need to be paid attention to, and many people may not particularly care about them. This also led to the lack of pertinence when I re-selected, so that after a period of use, the purchased products have various problems. I believe that as long as it is something that many people do not want to see, especially when it is more important to stick some If you choose the wrong quality or type, it will cause a certain degree of loss to personal property. Therefore, it is recommended that you can identify according to the above method when choosing tapes, which is very useful for purchasing some high-quality products.
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