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How to distinguish the type and structure of tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-01

1. The quality of the tape: the quality of the tape is maintained at a certain specification, and its quality is excellent. 2. The quality of the tape: There is no certain standard for the quality of the tape. Any tape that meets the needs of customers is a good tape. 3. What is an adhesive tape: refers to any tape that can be pasted by a certain method: such as pressurization, heating, etc., is called an adhesive tape. 4. Classification of tapes: A. According to the type: such as industrial tape, electronic tape, medical tape, etc.; B. According to the structure: such as single-sided tape, double-sided tape, etc.; C. According to the adhesive system: such as Acrylic tape, rubber tape, silicone tape, etc.; 5. The physical properties of the tape include coating amount, coating thickness, adhesion, retention, adhesion from the back, pull-out force, initial adhesion, weather resistance, Heat resistance, solvent resistance, electrical conductivity, flame resistance, etc. 6. The composition of the adhesive tape: a. Substrate: such as paper, cloth, film, etc.; b. Adhesive: such as acrylic adhesive, rubber-based adhesive; Thickness, tensile strength, elongation, release force; The focus of adhesive physical properties testing is viscosity and solid components. C. Support: such as release paper, release film, etc.
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