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How to distinguish the quality of sealing tape?

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-04

Foreign traders often inquire about sealing tapes. According to the requirements of their foreign trade customers, they need pressure-sensitive water-based adhesives or hot-melt adhesives or rubber.

In order to complete a foreign trade order more efficiently, it is necessary to understand the product, so why are there so many different types of sealing tapes, and what do so many glues mean?

The sealing tape currently circulating in the market in China is mainly BOPP sealing tape, and the glue is pressure-sensitive water-based adhesive. This is a relatively low-cost sealing tape that has only been fully developed in China in recent decades. of. The advantages of water-based glue are: low price, many manufacturers, many product grades, and strong options; the disadvantages are: lower viscosity than the other two glues, and poor weather resistance. Therefore, many foreign customers, especially those in Europe and the United States, will request to purchase hot-melt sealing tape, why?

Hot melt glue is also a chemical glue, but compared with water-based glue, it has better viscosity and better weather resistance! However, hot melt adhesives have higher requirements on the use environment than water-based adhesives, and rubber is more environmentally friendly!

Rubber generally refers to natural rubber, which is environmentally friendly, safe, has good viscosity and good weather resistance, but it is expensive to use!

At present, the most common BOPP sealing tapes on the market are mainly water-based adhesives and rubber sealing adhesives. Hot melt adhesives are only used on double-sided adhesives!
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