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How to distinguish the quality of kraft paper tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-29

Kraft paper tape is made of coated kraft paper as the base material, and then coated with acrylic glue or natural rubber glue on the surface of the base material. Stable weather resistance and other characteristics. How to distinguish its quality when choosing or using kraft paper tape! Things to pay attention to are as follows: 1. Look at the paper quality of the kraft paper tape. For example, if the quality of kraft paper is virgin paper, the kraft paper tape looks smoother overall, with clear lines on the paper surface. For example, if the quality of kraft paper is recycled paper, the paper used to make kraft paper tape will be relatively hard, brittle, and easy to break. When selecting or purchasing kraft paper tape, try to choose kraft paper tape with raw paper quality. Second, look at the stickiness of kraft paper tape. Whether it is water-free kraft paper tape or wet water kraft paper tape, after bonding or pasting, there should be no residual glue left on the surface of the adherend when it is torn off. 3. The thickness of the single-layer kraft paper tape. For example, if the object to be packed is heavy, the kraft paper tape will have different requirements for its strong enough tensile force and thickness.
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