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How to distinguish the quality of color sealing tape?

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-09

Color sealing tape is for convenient marking and masking. Generally, there are more beige and khaki. In addition, there are common colors of red, green, and blue lights. The choice is particularly large, so how to distinguish and judge the color sealing tape What about the quality?

The easiest way is to pinch the colored sealing tape tightly and then quickly pull it apart. If the glue on one side can be pulled off, you can see the purity and transparency of the original film. The most important thing is to see the thickness of the glue. If there is no glue to be pulled apart or dotted, there are a lot of impurities in the glue, and the glue has no cohesion. The second is that there is too much water and has volatilized. At this time, the initial adhesion of this tape has dropped significantly, and the hand feel can be distinguished. Apply the colored sealing tape to the object, the better the masking, the thicker the glue and the better the quality.

From the appearance of colored sealing tape, the color of the whole roll of tape with less glue and impurities is very dark, and the tape has high light transmittance after being pulled apart. The color of the whole roll of a good tape is not much different from the color of the strip after it is pulled, because a good color sealing tape has a strong masking property, and there is no color superimposition.

Another way to distinguish is to look at the surface of the colored sealing tape. There are air bubbles when the tape has just been stripped into finished products. After a week of storage, the air bubbles will basically dissipate. The surface of the tape with pure fat tincture glue is smooth and clean without any white spots. The tape mixed with impurities has many irregularly distributed white spots, which cannot be dispersed by hand pressure, which is different from air bubbles.

The products of sealing tape manufacturers are used in many industries, because using it for edge sealing can not only be decorated and beautified but also not easy to fall off. Of course, we should do a good job in its maintenance when we use it.
First of all, the tape should be placed in rolls, and it should be turned once a season when it is stored for a long time. During storage, avoid sunlight and rain. Do not allow the tape to snake or crawl while in use.

In addition, cleanliness is the basic condition for the good operation of the tape, and foreign substances will affect its use effect. Because its material is relatively thin, and it should not be close to the heat source, it will easily cause its deformation, etc., and affect its service life.
When using tape, pay attention to the correct way. First of all, you should ensure that the tape can be used normally, and the sticky product should also be cleaned to avoid affecting its use effect.

Packaging color sealing tape has the characteristics of high viscosity, strong tensile force, environmental protection, no peculiar smell, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, etc. It is suitable for packaging and bundling of goods in various industries.
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