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How to distinguish its quality when purchasing sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-18

Good-quality sealing tape will make a big difference after use. It will not break when it is used, and it will not fall off easily after being glued. When the inferior sealing tape is used, the tape will break with a little force, and the stickiness is not strong (insufficient), and it will easily fall off after a long time after sticking, and it needs to be pasted again. When using the sealing tape normally, the most hopeful thing is that the sealing tape is stuck firmly and will not fall off or break. Therefore, the viscosity or stretchability of the sealing tape is particularly important, and there are many factors that affect it. When choosing sealing tape, pay attention to whether it has impurities, and the tape with impurities will crack or break after a period of time after the product is packaged, and the viscosity will also decrease, and it cannot even be pasted again. The above situation will not happen to the sealing tape products produced by regular companies, at least the stickiness of the tape will meet the industry standard. And the tape will not be stuck with dust and other impurities, because the workshop for producing the tape has to go through dust removal and other treatments. When choosing or buying tape, you need to check the width and thickness of the tape or the thickness of the paper tube, and pay special attention to whether there are obvious impurities in the tape.
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