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How to Decorate with Colorful Tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-01

1. You can use colored tape to stick a colored wall. If you are bold enough, use colored tape to paste interesting patterns on the white wall! Geometric shapes are easier to paste. If you have a foundation in art, you may wish to DIY more difficult patterns. 2. Make photo frames with colored tape. The biggest problem with pasting photos on the wall is that glue or double-sided tape will fall off, and it is monotonous and ugly. Use tape as a photo frame, stick the four corners of the photo firmly, the tape will directly become a photo frame, and the color should match the wall. 3. You can use colored tape to decorate the flower pot. The white ground blue small floral pattern tape is fresh and elegant. Paste it around the pink flower pot, and put a beautiful lace on the flower pot, creating a small and fresh effect. Depending on the color of the flowerpot and the type of plant, you can also choose the matching tape for decoration. A small change will bring people a different mood. 4. Paste the colored tape on the mug. The super white porcelain mug does not have any pattern. The concave-convex texture on the cup is just a good place to stick the tape. Cut the colored tape into the same size and stick it on the mug. The tender color is like a sweet cake. 5. The leaf lampshade can also be made of colored tape. The chandelier with jungle-like natural temperament can be called a masterpiece of tape DIY. Through tape or parallel or cross-wrapping techniques, an exquisite handicraft is immediately presented in front of you. The production process is also a process. kind of enjoyment.
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