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how to connect a power supply to your pc? taming the psu noodles

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-13
I bought a power supply.
There is pasta on it.
Power supply, even the new power supply designed to make cable management easier and more attractive with special sleeves, is far from the most elegant product in the world, or the least confusing product.
Graphics cards, processors, and hard drives often come with detailed instructions on how to proceed with the installation, or at least make them online.
But buying the power supply usually only gives you a small warning, the danger of using the power when the power is plugged in, and a small bag with four screws.
Therefore, it is often difficult to understand a large number of connections.
Of course, some parts seem to work properly in some places, but that\'s the power supply we\'re talking about.
The safest attention.
But don\'t worry anymore, as this quick guide details all the different connections that may exist on modern power supplies.
In practice, most connections do moreor-
Not suitable for where they should be, or where they should be, but since this is not the Lego block we are connecting here, there is no harm in a little comfort.
Molex connections are most likely, and most of the dangley bits that hang on your power supply are Molex connections.
The Molex connection is a flat rectangular four
The pin connector, which has two angled angles, is therefore only suitable for one way.
Usually, it has four wires.
The plastic end of the connector can be any color, and any type of label is not usually printed.
Most Molex connectors are held by friction, that is, in order for men and women to come together, you have to give them a good motivation and give a good pull (
On the connector, do not pull the wire)
Separate them.
Molex connections are very common because they are used to power a variety of accessories such as chassis fans, some internal and external drives, and any special features such as custom lighting.
They are sometimes difficult to use because they can only stay together through friction.
Most Molex connectors are standard four
But you may also run into some special connectors.
For example, some companies use \"Fan-
Only \"looks like a standard Molex connection but only a connection of two pins.
SATA connection SATA power connection is mainly used for internal and external drives and replaces some of the features of the Molex connection for the primary power connection of the hard disk and external media drives.
It is still rectangular but much thinner than the Molex connector.
It also has an L-
Shape the connection to ensure that the connector can only be inserted in a specific way.
Some adapters can convert SATA connections to Molex connections and vice versa.
Most power supplies include only four or five SATA connections as they are only for hard drives and external media drives.
This means Molex-to-
SATA adapters may be required if you have many SATA drives or old power supplies. 4-Pin Or 8-
Pin 12 v motherboard connection 4-
The pin motherboard connection is probably one of the most confusing power connections.
For those who do not build many computers, the area it connects to on the motherboard is not intuitive.
However, the shape of 4-
The Pin motherboard connector is unique because of its 2x2 Pin design and the shape of the Pin.
The purpose of this connection is to supply power to the CPU.
This may not need to be inserted in some rare cases, mainly involving ancient motherboards and/or processors.
Most modern machines, however, need it.
This connection is difficult to insert, but its design is only suitable for one way, because aligning the pins incorrectly can damage your computer.
By visual inspection of the connector, you can align the connection correctly. Most 4-
The Pin motherboard connector keeps itself safe through the latch, so it is easy to connect and disassemble.
In some cases, you may encounter 8-when using a motherboard that supports multiple CPUs-pin connection.
Not all are likely to accept 8-
Pin connection requires 8-pin connection.
Some people will accept 4-pin connection.
There may be drawbacks to using only a 4
However, please refer to the motherboard manual, pin connection.
20 pin/20 4 pin/24 pin motherboard connection this is the main connection of the motherboard.
Some boards are particularly low-
Terminal or old model, only 20 pins are required for operation.
Other connectors require all 24 pins of 20 4 connectors to work properly.
Details of this vary from Motherboard to Motherboard.
Some motherboards can receive 24-
The pin is connected, but only 20 are needed for normal operation.
Other pins will not work at all unless a full 24 pin is inserted. Like the 4-
20-pin motherboard connection
Pin/20 4 pin connections are usually fixed with latches and can only be inserted in a specific way due to the shape of the pins.
However, there may be a problem with the 24-pin connection, not actually the 20-4-pin configuration, just the 24-pin.
The difference is that on the 20 4 pin configuration, the four pins at the bottom can be separated, so you can use the connection on the motherboard that only accepts 20 pins.
However, the 24-pin connection does not allow the bottom 4-pin separation, which usually means that the 24-pin connection is not suitable for the motherboard that is only set for the 20-pin connection.
This is something to consider when buying a new power supply or motherboard, although there are cheap adapters.
PCI-PCI Express power connection
E. The power connection is 6-
Pin connections specifically designed to meet the high power of modern GPUs.
They are easy to find in most cases, just because they have PCI-
Write clearly on one side of the connector.
They are still easy to find if not written, as it looks quite different from other PSU connectors.
Like the motherboard power connector, PCI-
E connectors are easy to use due to their locking mechanism.
There is only one correct way to connect this connection, and it takes very little force to insert the connector.
While most power supplies have at least one PCI-
E Connector, this is not always enough to support modern GPUs.
Some graphics cards require two connections, such as the Radeon 4870 for ATI and the GTX 260 for Nvidia.
There\'s also a special 8-pin PCI-
E connection used on super-
High-end graphics cards such as Radeon 4870x2.
If you don\'t have PCI-
E power connection, most graphics cards are equipped with adapters to turn two Molex connections into one PCI-E connection.
However, this can get clunky if your graphics card is perfect for your situation.
3-pin fan connections these fan connections are easily separated from all other connections hung on the power supply due to the small volume.
These small connections are made up of only three pins and are designed to power the chassis fan.
Many of the power supplies sold today do not have these connections at all, as most fans are equipped with devices powered through Molex connections.
However, if your fans and power supply do include these traditional fans
Only connections, they are usually better than using Molex.
Their wire and the small size of the connection itself means reducing wiring confusion, although the locking system is not used, and these fan connections are often easy to use due to the low force required to connect or disassemble the fans.
More about case fans in this article.
4-pin floppy disk connection the purpose of this 4-pin connection is for small, low
Power external devices-mainly floppy drives.
It looks very similar in size to the fan connection. It is a low-
Power connection with a configuration similar to the Molex connector.
Some adapters do exist that allow the conversion of Molex to 4-
Connect the floppy disk.
However, this is almost a traditional connection, which means it is becoming increasingly rare to find this on a new power supply, and is this connection also difficult to find an adapter?
In most modern computers, floppy drives are definitely the only hardware that uses this connection.
The power supply that still includes this connection is often a fan model or old design.
Patience with the power supply these are not the only connections you may find on the power supply, but these are the connections you find on the modern computer power supply.
Assuming that the hardware you are using is less than ten years old, you may not encounter any other type of connection other than the one listed here.
Unfortunately, it\'s hard to find support for traditional connections, which is understandable, whether it\'s a local connection from a power company or in the form of an adapter.
Plugging the power connection in the right place is just a matter of finding the square bolt into the square hole.
If you handle the power supply for the first time, it will be helpful to read this guide.
I highly recommend that you print out the actual picture of each connection.
This makes it very easy to visually identify each connection on the power supply, and once you know what the connection is, it is not difficult to find the place to place it.
The power connection is fairly specific-there is no way to try to connect the SATA connection to PCI-
E card, for example.
Remember to be patient.
Dealing with the winding of wires can always lead to frustration.
If you find that you are able to identify individual connections, but they are lost back in the wires that are wrapped together, then when you find it, wrap the masking tape around each connection, and write the name of the connection on the tape.
There is some tape on hand to bundle the connection, which can make the task of sorting the power connection easier.
You can find more information about installing the power supply here.
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