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How to choose the right double-sided tape for use

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-31

Cotton paper-based double-sided tape uses cotton paper as the base material. This type of double-sided tape has good tear-off characteristics. It can be torn off directly by hand when in use. It is very convenient to use and is often used in office work. or stationery stickers. PET film-based double-sided tape is based on PET film. The high transparency of the film makes this type of double-sided tape irreplaceable when pasted on glass. It has the characteristics of high-definition, transparent and stable viscosity. The foam-based double-sided adhesive tape is based on foam, and the tape has a good sealing effect. It is used for sticking uneven surfaces of adherends and has good waterproof and sealing properties. Although there are many types of double-sided tape, we can choose the corresponding type of double-sided tape according to our own use, so that it will be easy to find double-sided tape products suitable for our own use. The main reason for double-sided tape is that the glue used is very different. Common glues are double-sided adhesive oil glue, water glue, and hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.
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