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How to choose high-quality tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-08

There are many types of tapes, and there are also many kinds of adhesives on their surfaces. Therefore, the performance and strength of various brands of tapes are different. Therefore, the following factors need to be considered when purchasing tapes:

The microporosity of the object to be pasted: due to the adhesive effect of the tape, the moisture of the adhesive on the surface of the tape penetrates into the paste after the tape is glued and dries quickly so that the tape becomes a part of the paste. Therefore, the microporosity of the surface of the object to be pasted is very important for the selection of the adhesive tape. If the microporosity of the device is high or the moisture absorption capacity is high, the adhesive tape must be used to quickly condense the adhesive, otherwise, the adhesive tape with a slower condensing speed should be used. Or a tape with more adhesive.

Adhesive on the surface of the tape: the tape is coated with an adhesive on the bottom tape in the manufacturer, and it usually needs to be fully dried before being rolled into rolls. If the adhesive tape is too wet, the tape itself will stick together very tightly and it is difficult to open it when using it. , and some cannot be used at all.
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