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How to choose electrical insulation tape?

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-08

How to choose and buy electrical insulation tape? Electrical insulation tape is widely used in daily life. Whether you are a wholesaler, an engineering company, or a home user, you can learn how to choose and buy electrical insulation tape. Generally speaking, you can start from the following three points To judge the quality of electrical insulating tape:
1. Appearance
From the appearance, check whether there is any defect, whether the tape rewinding is obedient, whether there is any burr on the slitting, and whether it is smooth. Tape that cuts smoothly is of better quality and more convenient to use.
2. Tape material
Look at the material of the tape (there are many types of electrical insulating tape, so I won’t introduce the material one by one to judge whether it is good or bad. In most cases, it depends on the usage). You can consult professionals according to your own needs when purchasing.
3. Glue
Looking at the glue again, most of the glue has evolved towards environmental protection. If the smell is pungent, it is more likely to be a defective product (not all tapes). In addition, if there is no anti-sticking when the tape is pulled off and used, and if there is no residual glue when it is torn off after use, the quality of the tape is better. It should be noted that the PVC material used in electrical insulating tape is basically the same, mainly because of the glue. After a period of time after the poor-quality tape is wrapped, and then unwrapped, you can see that the glue and the PVC material are separated, and it looks sticky. Very uncomfortable, which is not a problem with good quality tape.
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