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How to choose double-sided tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-01

Under normal circumstances, the purchase of double-sided tape is mainly used to fix and bond things, so the stickiness of the tape is very important, and the double-sided tape with poor stickiness mainly has the following two aspects: 1. The sticking time is short, Poor ability to adapt to the environment: Most double-sided tapes doped with impurities will collapse after a period of packaging operations, and cannot be pasted again, especially in low temperature environments and windy dry conditions . 2. Poor double-sided tape is easy to break: Inferior tape is easy to break and has low strength, which is mainly related to the film quality of the tape substrate. So how should we choose tape? And what problems should be paid attention to when choosing high-quality double-sided tape! One: The first thing to do when you get the double-sided tape is to feel whether it is sticky enough with your hands, and whether you can feel your request. Two: Put the tape on your nostrils and smell it. If the smell is very strong or very pungent, it means that the quality of the glue is not good, so it is recommended not to buy it. Three: For tapes of the same specification (length, width, and single-layer thickness), first look at the thickness of the single-layer adhesive tape and the tensile strength of the tape. Be sure to choose good tensile strength. As for the thickness, it depends on the buyer's choice.
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